Anamika - Searching For Krishna

We took a bow at the first shows of Anamika this Thursday night. I can’t describe the moment. I walked off stage after a standing ovation and I just fell to the ground, unable to handle the overwhelming feeling. One of my co-dancers hugged me and said - We did it, we pulled it off! Congratulations!
And I closed my eyes and told myself never to forget that moment.

I look back on the time I’ve spent working on this piece and I can’t remember where it started, exactly. It’s been a long search of training, reading, thinking, composing, workshops, discussions, choreography, injuries - physical and emotional - writing, re-writing and God knows what else.

It was raw; there were little hitches here and there. There are things that will change and grow. I know it wasn’t perfect. But it’s not easy, to create one’s own work. I kept telling people that doing this show felt like I was putting my heart on a platter, and handing it to strangers.

…but it was magic.

For me, this show itself represents the search I’m describing. I found immense peace in immersing myself into it; the preparation, the studying, the explorations and endless discussions… All without knowing for a second that it would culminate in two packed shows, standing ovations, reviews, pictures, love from far and wide and compliments, support and feedback beyond anything I could have imagined.

I thank my stars every day for this art form and as I closed my eyes after the show, I thought to myself - this is why I’m a dancer.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt from all this; if there’s one thing I believe in deeply, it’s that there is nothing like passion. There is nothing like putting your entire self and all the love you’re capable of into something - your child, your lover, your friend, your work, your cooking, your writing, your…something. Anything. There’s nothing like closing your eyes and thinking – This. This, is why.